Season 1 Temple Run List

A special thanks to Bob Maibaum for compiling the information on my site to create the guide.

Episode TitleS/LResultTRTm/SoTeamPendsArtifact Location
Galileo's Cannonball1/1Win!0:01TeamSilver Snakes1.5Mine Shaft
The Deadman's Hand1/1Out of time---TeamRed Jaguars2Mine Shaft
Elizabeth the First's Golden Ship1/23 Guards1:29TeamRed Jaguars1.5Throne Room
John Henry's Lost Hammer1/2Out of Time---TeamSilver Snakes2Room of the Golden Idols
The Golden Cricket Cage of Khan1/2Out of Time---TeamSilver Snakes1.5Spider's Lair
The Map to the Lost Gold Mine1/2Win!0:17TeamBlue Barracudas2Tomb of the Ancient Kings
The Helmet of Genghis Khan1/3Win!0:09TeamRed Jaguars2Pirates' Cove
The Keys to the Alhambra1/3Out of Time---TeamRed Jaguars1Dungeon
The Pendant of King Kamehameha1/33 Guards0:53TeamSilver Snakes1Spider's Lair
The Star of Sultan Saladin1/3Win!0:27SoloSilver Snakes1.5Observatory
The Trojan Horseshoe1/3Win!0:10TeamGreen Monkeys1.5Tomb of the Ancient Kings
Henry the Eighth's Great Seal1/43 Guards0:43TeamSilver Snakes1.5Swamp
The Lost Logbooks of Magellan1/43 Guards0:18TeamBlue Barracudas1.5Dungeon
The Lucky Pig of Amelia Earhart1/4Out of Time---TeamBlue Barracudas1.5Room of Harmonic Convergence
The Moccasins of Geronimo1/4Win!1:06SoloBlue Barracudas1.5Pirates' Cove
Blackbeard's Treasure Map1/5Out of Time---SoloRed Jaguars2Dungeon
The Golden Cup of Belshazzar1/5Out of Time---TeamRed Jaguars1.5Shrine of the Silver Monkey
The Oracle Bowl of Delphi1/5Out of Time---TeamPurple Parrots2Observatory
The Paintbrush of Leonardo Da Vinci1/5Out of Time---TeamOrange Iguanas2Tomb of the Ancient Kings
The Treasure Map of Jean Lafitte1/5Out of Time---TeamBlue Barracudas1.5Swamp
The Water Bottle of Ponce de Leon1/5Out of Time---TeamGreen Monkeys2Heart Room
The Belly Button of Buddha1/6Win!0:10SoloBlue Barracudas2Observatory
The Golden Chains of Zenobia1/6Out of Time---TeamOrange Iguanas2Shrine of the Silver Monkey
The Helmet of Joan of Arc1/6Out of Time---TeamRed Jaguars2Heart Room
The Stolen Arm of Shiva1/6Out of Time---TeamOrange Iguanas1.5+.5Bamboo Forest
The Stone Marker of Leif Ericson1/6Out of Time---TeamRed Jaguars1.5Tomb of the Ancient Kings
The Golden Jaguar of Atahualpa1/7Out of Time+Art---TeamBlue Barracudas1Treasure Room
Alexander and the Gordian Knot1/7Out of Time---TeamOrange Iguanas1.5+.5Observatory
The Mask of Shaka Zulu1/7Win!1:14SoloRed Jaguars1.5Tomb of the Ancient Kings
The Medal of Sir Edmund Hillary1/7Out of Time+Art---TeamSilver Snakes2Room of Three Torches
The Silver Saddle Horn of Hannibal1/7Out of Time---TeamRed Jaguars1.5Shrine of the Silver Monkey
King Tut's Cobra Staff1/8Out of Time+Art---TeamPurple Parrots1.5Tomb of the Ancient Kings
Pecos Bill's Lost Lariat1/8Out of Time+Art---TeamGreen Monkeys1.5Well
Robin Hood and Marian's Silk Ladder1/8Win!0:33TeamSilver Snakes2Shrine of the Silver Monkey
The Dragon Lady and the Blue Pearl1/8Out of Time---TeamOrange Iguanas2Holes of Python
The Codebook of Mata Hari1/8Out of Time---TeamSilver Snakes1.5Heart Room
Lawrence of Arabia's Headdress1/9Win!0:01TeamGreen Monkeys2Holes of Python
The Collar of Davy Crockett1/9Win!0:05TeamSilver Snakes1Shrine of the Silver Monkey
The Snake Bracelet of Cleopatra1/9Win!0:20TeamSilver Snakes1.5Room of Three Torches
The Treasure of Anne Bonny1/9Out of Time+Art---TeamRed Jaguars1.5+.5Room of Three Torches