Hard Temple Quiz Questions

This quiz is made up of twenty questions that are not multiple choice, and one bonus question. This quiz is intended for those who think they are a complete Legends know-it-all! Many of these questions were supplied by Der Kommissar.

Question 1:
If you exit the Dungeon, you'll always end up in one of three rooms. Name these three rooms.

Question 2:
There were three different rooms that filled the "upper entrance" of the temple at one time or another. Which of these three appeared the fewest amount of times?

Question 3:
What was the only artifact ever successfully retrieved from the Torch Room?

Question 4:
Everybody knows that the Mask of Shaka Zulu was the fastest completion of any Legends episode. However, what was the second fastest?

Question 5:
Name all of the Season 2, Layout 1 episodes.

Question 6:
Only two treasures were ever hidden in this room, but they were both retrieved from the temple successfully. Name this room.

Question 7:
There was one layout change in the First Season that made every actuator in this room inactive. Can you name the room?

Question 8:
Name the only room of the temple that featured a temple guard in every episode but one it was featured in.

Question 9:
How many exits were there from the Holes Of Python?

Question 10:
The rock bucket used in the Rock Quarry also had another use in its past. What was it?

Question 11:
There were nine room areas left of the Pit of Despair. However, when artifacts were hidden in this specific room location, they were never retrieved. Name it. (Note that "room locations" refers to the area where a room was, not a specific room.)

Question 12:
Name any room of the temple that was the hiding place to only one artifact.

Question 13:
In the history of the show, only one room was ever relocated. Name this room.

Question 14:
Name the two rooms in the bottom-left corner of the temple that did not feature an elevator of some sort.

Question 15:
Two rooms appeared in every episode of Season One, but in no episodes of later seasons. Name these rooms.

Question 16:
Name any room of the temple (other than the Jester's Court or a Pit room) from which a temple guard never emerged.

Question 17:
Name a room of the temple that had one actuator.

Question 18:
There was only one episode where a player was removed from the temple in one of the two entrance rooms. Name this episode.

Question 19:
Complete the following sequence: The Torch Room, The Observatory, The Shrine of the Silver Monkey, The Room of the Golden Idols, -------?

Question 20:
Are you ready for the bonus question?

In which temple layouts did Olmec explain the rooms in a clockwise order?

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