360 temple games were played across the show's three-year span, and nearly all of them were unique. Here I explain some of the common themes throughout these games.

In the collecting games, the teams competed against each other to collect as many of a certain item, or points, as they could within the sixty-second time limit. The team that collected a set amount first, or the team that had the most items or points at the end of sixty seconds won.
There were also many games that involved a race to the finish. The team that reached the finish first, or the team that was further along at the end of sixty seconds won. Occasionally, these games were not even timed.
The survival games numbered few in the later episodes and were featured more often in the middle of the show's run. These games would require the teams to continue doing something for a longer time than their opponents. If sixty seconds passed before a team won, the game was declared a tie.
These were featured quite often in the later episodes, but barely at all before Season 2. These challenges required teams to memorize certain sequences and show that they had remembered them. The memory challenges were often combined with the collecting and race challenges to add balance between skills and smarts. In a couple of these memory challenges, the clock was not set at all.
These games were extremely rare, and were only used in a handful of Season 2 episodes. These challenges required teams to randomly guess correctly more times than their opponents. As you can imagine, these games were quite boring to watch.
Only a single temple game ever was a distance challenge, and in this Season 1 game, players needed to slide down a chute as far as possible. After sixty seconds, the player with the farthest distance won. I was surprised this type of game was not featured more often in the show, for it was quite fun to watch.