Season 2, Layout 3

The Crypt
Three skeletons were placed at the edges of the room. By pulling the correct book from the skeletons, a door would open.

The Rock Quarry / The Troubled Bridge
This room was divided into two halves. When the player entered from either the Crypt or the Observatory he or she would only need to hit an actuator at the opposite side of the bridge to open the door. If the player entered from the Ledges, he or she would need to put five rocks into a large bucket to lift the stone slab covering the door to the Laser Light Room. NOTE: Coincidentally, the bucket was the same used as the elevator in layouts 6 - 9 of Season 1.

The Observatory
In the Observatory, a stone column was placed at the front of the room. To open the door(s), the column needed to be arranged so that it formed a complete picture.

Medusa's Lair
A small "Medusa head" was placed at the front of the room. In order to open the door(s), the player had to put two snakes in Medusa's head.

The King's Storeroom
In this room, a pot was placed on each of three pedestals, at the center of the room. The player entering this room needed to break open the pots in search of a key, and then place the key in the correct pedestal to open the door(s).

The Shrine of the Siver Monkey
After arranging a silver monkey statue at the front of the room, a door would open.

The Lightning (Ball) Room
This room was rarely entered, but in here the player needed to connect four power cords into the base of the lighting ball at the center of the room to open the door(s). Alternitavely, if they entered from the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, they could simply ride the elevator downwards.

The Mine Shaft
If the player rode the elevator down to the room, they could take the ladder up to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, or bash through the wall and head to the Dark Forest. If they entered from the Dark Forest, they could ride the elevator up to the Lightning Room, if it was available.

The Dark Forest
This room featured two large trees with holes in their trunks. The player that entered this room would look for a key in the holes of the trees. If they were unsuccessful, they could bash the wall and enter the Mine Shaft.

The Swamp
The Swamp was filled with aged nets. In this room, the player could hit an actuator and progress through one of six doors.

The Laser Light Room
In the center of this room, eight square tiles were placed on a wall, each covering a laser. The player that entered this room would need to pull the tiles down to unleash the special white laser, which was the one and only among the other reds.

The Ledges
As the name implies, the Ledges was simply a series of ledges that the player had to climb through.