Season 3, Layout 1

The Crypt
Three skeletons were placed at the edges of the room. By pulling the correct book from the skeletons, a door would open.

The Pit of the Pendulum
A narrow platform lining the outer wall led to a long rope. The player entering this room would need to swing on the rope far enough to hit a pillar at the front of the room, which would open a door. If the door opened was to the Chamber of the Sacred Markers or to the King's Storeroom, the player was forced to climb up the outer walls onto the narrow platform to continue.

The King's Storeroom
In this room, a pot was placed on each of three pedestals, at the center of the room. The player entering this room needed to break open the pots in search of a key, and then place the key in the correct pedestal to open the door(s).

The Chamber of the Sacred Markers
On the left side of the central ladder was a certain sequence of markers, and on the right was that same sequence of markers, with a few missing. Players entering this room had to find the missing markers on he outer walls of the room, and place them in their correct positions to open a door.

The Room of the Ancient Warriors
Three sets of armor were placed at the back of the room. In here, the player needed to place him or herself into the armor, and pull two levers downward. If they had done so with the correct set of armor, the door would open.

The Shrine of the Siver Monkey
After arranging a silver monkey statue at the front of the room, a door would open.

The Room of the Secret Password
The player entering this room would need to open the panels placed on the outer walls, and read the "inscription" on the tablet. If it was the correct passage, then a door could open.

The Pharaoh's Secret Passage
The Pharaoh's Secret Passage was nothing but a narrow tunnel-slide connecting the Room of the Secret Password with the Quicksand Bog.

The Quicksand Bog
In the Quicksand Bog, players had the options of going up into the Room of the Secret Password, up into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, or bashing through the wall and into the Dark Forest.

The Dark Forest
This room featured two large trees with holes in their trunks. The player that entered this room would look for a key in the holes of the trees. If they were unsuccessful, they could bash the wall and enter the Quicksand Bog.

The Jester's Court
In the Jester's Court, players needed to align themselves with three wall paintings, while pressing three actuators simultaniously. If they had aligned themselves with the correct painting, a door would open.

The Tomb of the Headless Kings
Two skeletons of headless kings were placed at the center of the room, surrounded by vines that hung from the ceiling. In here, players needed to pull the vines to release bones, in search for the skull. After finding the skull the players then needed to place it on the correct king to continue.

The Ledges
As the name implies, the Ledges was simply a series of ledges that the player had to climb through.