How would You Do on Legends?

Because the show has not been taped since 1995 and is unlikely to return, we will probably never have a chance to participate on it. To remedy that, I've provided this fun quiz that will project your performance on the show based on your strengths and weaknesses. This isn't meant to be scientific, but hopefully it will be somewhat accurate! Have fun. (Idea inspired by Joe's "What Team would You be On?" quiz at Aaron's The Choices are Yours.)

Instructions: Evaluate yourself on the following values, with the descriptions at the top as guides. Vote for what is closest to you, not necessarily what you would like to be. That will make this quiz a lot fairer.

NOTE: It does not appear that JavaScript is enabled on your computer. In order for this quiz to function correctly, it must be.


Not at all Somewhat More or Less Very Extremely

I am physically strong

I am agile

I am perseverant

I am brave

I am determined

I am confident

I can balance well

I value teamwork

I have a good memory

I am clever

I have a good reaction time

I am lucky

I know the dynamics
of Legends well

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