Legends Quizzes

How much do you really know about the show? How might you perform on it? This page is the only way you can find out that information.

Interactive Quizzes
How would You Do on Legends? A fun, interactive quiz that estimates how well you would do on the show given your physical and mental characteristics.
Trivia Quizzes
Easy Quiz A general quiz about the show aimed at those who have only watched it a few times.
5 Questions, Multiple Choice
Medium Temple Quiz A more difficult quiz about the temple for those who are familiar with it and understand how it evolved over the years.
10 Questions, Not Multiple Choice
Hard Temple Quiz A very difficult Legends quiz for only the most knowledgeable fans.
20 Questions, Not Multiple Choice
Very Hard Quiz Don't shriek after looking at these questions. Only those who were separated from the show at birth will be able to answer them.
10 Questions, Not Multiple Choice