Medium Temple Quiz Answers

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Question 1:
What two rooms did the Pharaoh's Secret Passage Connect?

The correct answers are:
The Room of the Secret Password and the Quicksand Bog

Question 2:
What was the only room whose name did not begin with the word "the"?

The correct answer is:
Medusa's Lair

Well, I can still call it The Worst Room, can't I?

Question 3:
Excluding its entrance, how many doors did the Ledges have?

The correct answer is:

The Ledges had three doors not including its entrance: Two to the Pit of Despair, and one to the Crypt.

Question 4:
In Season 3, temple guards hid at one time or another in all but two rooms. Name the two they didn't hide in.

The correct answers are:
The Pit of the Pendulum and the Jester's Court

Question 5:
Throughout the first two seasons, there were three versions of the Observatory. Name the objectives of each.

The correct answers are:
Spin the sundial, spin the celestial lights, align the stone column.

Question 6:
How many skeletons were in the temple throughout Season 3?

The correct answer is:

There are five skeletons in total: Three in the Crypt, and two in the Tomb of the Headless Kings. That number will increase when the temple guards have finished their dinner.

Question 7:
How many red lasers were present in the Laser Light Room?

The correct answer is:

There were eight panels concealing lasers in the room, and one of the lasers was white, leaving seven red ones.

Question 8:
What color was the monkey in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey?

The correct answer is:

What did you expect?

Question 9:
Name one way in which the Season 3 Jester's Court differs from its Season 2 counterpart.

The correct answers are:
The ladders were removed or the laughing sound effect was removed

Question 10:
How many ropes were there in the Wall Climb?

The correct answers are:
Zero or Five

Early in Season 1, no ropes were present on the walls, but later in the season, five ropes were installed so that one rope lead into each of the following rooms: The Observatory, the Heart Room, the Throne Room/The Room of Harmonic Convergence, the Room of the Three Gargoyles, and the Cave of Size. I originally declared that the correct answer to this question was four, but I have since become wiser.

Let's say for a moment that you are on the show and make it to Olmec's temple. You volunteer to go first into the temple, and your goal is to reach the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. You decide to follow the bottom route of the temple, passing through the Laser Light Room and the Swamp on your way. You make it all the way to the Mine Shaft, where you then take the elevator upwards. Once you step out of the elevator, you have no idea where you are. What specifically must you do in this room to gain access to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey? (No looking at the Temple Layouts section!)

The correct answer is:
You must plug in four power cords into the central lightning ball to continue onwards.

You're in the Lightning Ball Room. Good job getting to the artifact solo!

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