Life on Legends

The production of Legends was a group effort; over 1,000 contestants and hundreds of crew members were involved in the taping of each of the 120 episodes. Below are e-mails I have received from a number of those people associated with the show. Please be aware that, although I strive to provide content of the highest quality, it is impossible for me to determine for sure if these letters are accurate and legitimate. Please enjoy them nonetheless! I will always give a resounding "thank you!" to all of the people who spent the time to submit an article. If you are the contributer of an interview and no longer want it to be presented the way it is on this website, please contact me and the problem will be quickly resolved. Conversely, if you would like to contribute an article and you were on, or otherwise associated with the show, please also contact me.

Contestant Stories and Interviews
Anonymous This contestant speaks about his experience as a Silver Snake in Henry VIII's Great Seal, from his memorable temple exit to his pizza lunch.
Zac Turney Zac talks about Legends through the perspective of one of the fastest temple runners in the show's history, as a Silver Snake in The Secret Map of the Bandit Queen.
Asher Ed interviews Asher about his experience on The Jeweled Scabbard of Sforza as a Green Monkey and learn about the details of the audition process and his unforgettable vacation.
Elise Elise tells us about being a Silver Snake and encountering an unfortunate setback in her temple run in The War Fan of the 47 Ronin.
Katie Here, the Legends community interviews Katie, a Green Monkey on The Mystical Spell Book of the Imperial Wizard, who proves that even teammates who disagree can still work together to go far in the show.
Jennifer Holtz Shrine of the Silver Monkey webmaster, Jon, does a brief interview with this Season 1 Silver Snake who was on Galileo's Cannonball, one of the show's first episodes. Bob Maibaum helped come across her.
Derrick Kujak Aaron talks with this Red Jaguar about his exciting experience in the Lost Love Letter of Captain John Smith episode.
Crew Stories
Kirk Fogg (Jon) Jon of The Shrine of the Silver Monkey interviews host Kirk Fogg, revealing his first words about the show since its cancellation in 1995.
Kirk Fogg (WCDB) WCDB in Albany, New York, gets the opportunity to speak with Kirk Fogg in a 34-minute radio interview. I have provided a transcript and a downloadable recording of the interview. Any Legends fan simply must hear it!
Michael Lupia This Season 3 spotter talks about his time on the crew of Legends with details on what exactly he did. And he also provides another reason why you should avoid the temple guards that may inhabit the trees... Jon of The Shrine of the Silver Monkey did this interview.

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