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Combine a talking stone head with kids competing for victory, and you have Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden Temple, the focus of this unofficial fansite.

And we are... Moving on!!!(4/12/19): I've finished adding the primary additions that were previously discovered to be missing. I've restarted the process of editing the information in the Episode Pages for accuracy. Keep an eye out for more changes to come. —Bob M.

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Show Format

The physical and mental challenges that make up the show

Episode List

Descriptions and pictures of every episode aired

Temple Layouts

All the temple layouts and all the rooms within them

Feats, Facts, and Firsts

Tidbits about your favorite show


Seven hundred pictures capturing the action and scenery


Custom renditions of the show's atmospheric themes


Stories from contestants and crew members


Think you know the show?

Temple Runner

Downloadable temple running action

Phantom's Temple

A dedicated forum for Legends fans

Other Legends Websites

Other great Legends websites you might have missed


Questions? Comments? Complaints? Concerns? E-mail the webmasters

Legends: The only game show that mixes a talking stone-headed Olmec host with Mayan temple guards in an Aztec setting on an American set.

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