Other Legends Websites

Legends of the Hidden Temple is a very popular show, so why aren't there any websites devoted to it? Actually, there are. Click on a link below to see sites created by other Legends fans!

Legends Forums
Phantom's Temple The definitive forum for discussing the show and everything else on your mind. With such a strong and active community, Phantom's Temple will have you coming back for more.

General Legends Fan Sites
The Room of the Secret Password On this new website, you can find a variety of Legends resources, such as an episode guide, polls, and more. It's still growing, but it's worth a visit.
Wikipedia EntryAn online encyclopedia entry dealing with everything about the show. It explains the show's format much better than mine, and has some trivia you may have missed when viewing this site. If you find something you'd like to add, edit the page via the link at the top. Absolutely everybody has this privilege.

Miscellaneous Legends Sites
90s Child Retro Funny T-Shirts Site statement: "Are you a child of the nineties? Here at 90s Child, we have the coolest nostalgic retro t-shirts, funny t-shirts, and classic Nickelodeon vintage t-shirts that will bring you back to the greatest decade ever...the 90s."
Note that the following shirt sites use replica team logos created by the late Legends Photo Gallery.
Temple Shirts An online store that sells almost-exact replicas of the team shirts on the show. I have never ordered something from this website, but you may want to check it out.
Olmec Website Ever wondered how Olmec got his name? While not about the game show, this huge web page talks all about the ancient Olmec civilization, and goes into detail about the enormous stone heads which they are famous for. This is a must-see for Legends fans!
Dee Baker's Website The voice of Olmec and the prize announcer were both provided by Dee Bradley Baker. This is his website; it lists shows he has worked on, and provides amazing vocal samples!
Universal Studios Orlando This site is Universal Studios Orlando's homepage. Included on it are facts about the soundstages themselves, including those where Legends and other Nick game shows were produced. Look for Stage 18 (Legends) and Stage 21 (GUTS).

If you would like to submit a site, or you know of a site that I have left out, please contact me here. It's important to me that a new site has gained enough exposure to warrant my support of it here, so do not expect brand-new websites to be added immediately. Furthermore, sites with largely unoriginal content will unlikely be listed.