Harmonies of the Temple

Information on "The Music Machine," the company that provided the atmospheric and exciting music for Legends, is incredibly elusive, so to satisfy the desire for Legends music, I present a collection of music files created solely by my and others' ears.

Click on a link to play the file, or right-click and select the proper option to save it to your computer.

Ed's Custom-Made Music
Legends Opening Theme (MIDI) Here is my representation of the show's opening theme. It's certainly not exacting, but should sound decent nonetheless.
Temple Game A (MIDI) This is the the background music that was used for various temple games throughout the show's history. (This is the second MIDI version, released 3/7/07.)

Others' Custom-Made Music
Olmec's Temple Theme (MIDI) The same epic, exciting, and fast-moving temple run track was used in every episode of the show. This is a rendition of it was submitted by Davira Kuy.
Olmec's Advice Theme (MIDI) Out of all the music tracks of the show, this particularly mysterious and atmospheric one was played the most. tss1011 kindly contributed this version for all to listen to and enjoy.

I'll try to get more in the future, but they are difficult to make. If you have a well-constructed music file that you wish to submit for review, and possibility to add to this page, please e-mail Bob the General Editor.