Download Temple Runner

Temple Runner is an exciting downloadable game based on the show's temple run. It features many of the show's rooms and challenges the player to overcome each of the temple's obstacles quickly and efficiently like the successful teams on the show. Before playing, please read the details on this page.

Temple Runner Version 2
Version 2.2
3.29MB, 12/26/06
This is the latest edition of Temple Runner and uses the third, fourth, and fifth temple layouts from the second season of the show. It is much enriched from past versions, especially in its options and detail.
Temple Runner Version 1
Version 1.2
2.48MB, 2/13/05
This is the last installment of the first version of Temple Runner. The temple runs take place in the first temple layout of the first season. It lacks a number of features subsequent versions have, but dedicated fans may still be interested in a download.
Additional Layouts
2.54KB, 2/5/05
This expansion for versions 1.0 - 1.2 includes eleven additional pre-made temple layouts to use. Note that due to a design flaw, the layout "Full-Temple Frenzy" is impossible to complete in challenge mode.
Notes Before Downloading
1. Only users using Windows operating systems can play the game.
2. You will need an unzipping application to open the downloaded file.
3. Read the "IMPORTANT" file carefully before playing.
4. Enjoy the game!

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