Season 1 Layout Guide

Here you can see every room that was used in the temple during Season 1... all on one page!

Layout 1Layout 2Layout 3Layout 4Layout 5Layout 6Layout 7Layout 8Layout 9
The Room of the Three GargoylesThe Room of the Royal Gongs
The Wall ClimbThe Wheel Room/The Troubled Bridge
The Observatory (1)The Observatory (2)
The Heart RoomThe Room of Fallen Columns
The Room of the Golden IdolsThe Treasure RoomThe Treasury of Golden Orbs
The Shrine of the Silver Monkey
The Torch RoomThe Pirate's CoveThe Room of Three Torches
The Mine ShaftThe DungeonThe Well
The Tomb of Ancient Kings
The SwampThe Spider's LairThe SwampBamboo ForestThe Treacherous Holes of Python
The Throne Room (1)The Room of Harmonic ConvergenceThe Throne Room (1)
The Cave of Size