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Pictures Restored(3/4/19): The images from the episode The Helmet of Genghis Khan have been restored. Luckily Ed found some thumbnail versions of them that he'd forgotten about. —Bob M.
More Oops(2/24/19): While visiting the site, I realized that I missed more episodes when adding the primary additions to the Episode Pages. Also, It has been discovered that during Ed's move of the images for the site from Photobucket, the images for The Helmet of Genghis Khan were accidentally replaced with images from The Helmet of Joan of Arc, leading to the Khan images being permanently lost. I'm in the middle of trying to correct these issues. Please keep visiting to see my progress. —Bob M.
Oops + More Progress (12/23/17): While visiting the site, I realized that I missed episodes 42 & 73 when adding the primary additions to the Episode Pages. This has been corrected. I'm now in the process of polishing the information on the Episode Pages to be more accurate. Keep visiting to see more updates. —Bob M.
Links Fixed (10/1/17): I fixed the links to Temple Runner and the WCDB Kirk Fogg interview. Happy playing and listening. —Ed
Images Are Back! (8/31/17): Ed here. It's been a while! Just wanted you to know that all of the images should be working again. Let me or Bob know if you find something that's still not right. I'm aware that links to Temple Runner and the Kirk Fogg interview audio are broken. I'll try to fix those reasonably soon. Thanks for visiting! —Ed
2 Notes (8/13/17): Hey Legends fans. I've successfully finished all the primary additions to the pages of Season 3. Also, due to Photobucket restricting us from having images appear on our site while hosted on their site, a lot of the images on The King’s Storeroom became broken and replaced with an ad for Photobucket’s premium hosting services. Ed has made the decision to pay for all the images to be hosted on the site itself. Please excuse our dust while Ed works diligently to correct this issue. —Bob M.
More Information (05/03/17): Hey Legends fans. I've been working to update the information available in the Episode Pages so that all appropriate sections for each episode contain the pertinent descriptions. I've finished the primary additions to Seasons 1 & 2, and am now working on Season 3. Keep checking in for all future updates. —Bob M.
New Staff Member (07/08/16): Hello all Legends fans. Effective today, Advanced Statistician Bob Maibaum will be taking over for Jake Potts as Co-Owner and General Editor of the site under Ed.
We're back (10/01/12): The site was down for a while because the web host blocked my account for some reason. In any case, the issue appears to be resolved.
Guess who's back? (07/18/11): Hi everyone! It's Jake here and I am back co-owning The King's Storeroom with Ed. I'm sorry that I have not been around for the past almost 4 years. I've now realized my love for Legends is back and I'm back here to help run the site. Please be aware I will not be on all the time but will make updates as often as they can be done. The site still looks as amazing as it did when I left long ago. Thanks for all the fans out there and please stay tuned for more updates in the near future!
Not Even the Beatles had this Many Hits (10/11/09): Yesterday, October 10th, the site got its three millionth page view since the counter was installed three years ago. A million per year? That's pretty awesome. Thank you so much for your support, everybody! To commemorate this feat, I've added the official Legends theme to the Music page.
Legends' Sweet Sixteen (09/11/09): Today, September 11, 2009, is the sixteenth anniversary of Legends' premiere. Happy birthday, Olmec.
Fixed Feats (08/24/09): There was an error on the Temple Games chart on the Feats, Facts, Firsts page concerning the Blue Barracudas' and Orange Iguanas' performance in Season 3. Lucky for you, it's been fixed.
F-F-For Real? (07/09/09): I took some time to add to the Feats, Facts, Firsts section today; namely, a brand new Temple Game results chart. Making it took me four hours and burnt multiple fuses in my head, but there's some really interesting information available. Of course, Contact me if you see any issues. I also took the opportunity to remove the stagnant, user-submitted material from the page. Most of it was good stuff, but I had no way of keeping up with the submissions. I hope you understand.
Update on Downtime (07/02/09): The problems I had with the website seem to have subsided. Hopefully, it stays this way. On a different, technical note, the spelling of two episodes on the episode list has changed. First, The Mussel Shell Armor of Apanupec has been corrected to The Mussel-Shell Armor of Apanuugpak. Secondly, The Plumed Headdress of Cosarara has been fixed to The Plumed Headdress of Cosa Rara. If anybody can find the right spelling for Benzibab and provide a reputable source, that would be much appreciated.
Notice (07/01/09): Due to my domain host's recent changes, many of the site's links are broken and pages are incorrectly formatted. I will fix them as soon as possible.
Force Times Displacement (06/25/09): I finally worked on clearing the backlog of corrections accumulating in my inbox over the last eighteen months. The Silk Sash of Mulan diagram has been fixed, various corrections have been made to the Snake Bracelet of Cleopatra and Broken Trident of Poseidon pages, I added the missing pictures on the Temple Rooms page, and I furthermore rewrote the entire page to make it more clear. The Temple Layouts section is still in a static, incomplete state, but I'll see if I can work on it some more.
Full Power! (06/04/09): I fixed both the issue with this page and all 120 episode pages, meaning that every page on the website has been successfully transferred. Please do not hesitate to inform me of broken links which lurk in the flurry of new HTML code. Use the Contacts section for that. On smaller notes, I removed the graphical navigation frame from the index page and I made some section titles more concise. It's all part of an ongoing effort to spiff up the site.
More Progress (06/03/09): I'll probably get to fixing the episode pages tonight. Also, I've been having some difficulty getting the updates page to work properly. AwardSpace seems to dislike some part of the code, but I'm having difficulty locating it.
Additional Update (06/02/09, #2): All pages have been successfully transferred, except for the individual episode list pages. You might also notice that I removed the Guestbook page since it's cheesy and obsolete. In that same spirit, I removed the Where to Watch Legends page and replaced its spot with the link to Phantom's Temple. Only now after going through the six hundred files that comprise this website do I realize how poorly some of the pages are written. I'll consider revising some pages in the future, but for now, it's first things first. Once the episode list pages have been completed, I'll automatically redirect the old site to this one. In the meantime, please report any broken links outside of the episode list. Thanks!
Site Transition Progress Update (06/02/09, #1): Welcome to the first functional page at the new domain! Most links will not work currently, but I am in the process of fixing them.
Notice (05/31/09): Yahoo! GeoCities is closing, but never fear--Nicklegends is in for the long haul. We're packing up and will be moving to a new location over the next few weeks. The new location will be Write it down!! Please look to for all future updates. Thank you for your patience during this transition.
Take Five (4/12/09): Yesterday was the fifth birthday of the site. Time flies! --Nicklegends
Clarity from Confusion (2/6/09): I updated the Show Format page to fix a mistake regarding incorrect answers in the Steps of Knowledge and to make the whole thing clearer. --Nicklegends
Fifteen (9/11/08): The first Legends episode aired fifteen years ago today. I'd like to wish the show a happy birthday on behalf of all its fans. --Nicklegends
Millions of Page Views, Page Views for Me; Millions of Page Views, Page Views for Free (5/29/08): The website has a received a combined 2 million page views since the counter was added on October 23rd, 2006. That's not bad at all, folks. Thank you! --Nicklegends
Keep Up (5/1/08): I still have to check in once in a while, you know? The links to the interviews Jon of The Shrine of the Silver Monkey conducted have been revived in the Life on Legends section, much to your guaranteed satisfaction. Thanks to Bob Maibaum (as always) for tracking the elusive links down. Oh yeah, and I cleaned up the index page a little bit. Less text is better design. --Nicklegends
A Solemn Farewell (12/31/07): It's been forty-four months--forty-four months since The King's Storeroom humbly opened as a fan site of Legends of the Hidden Temple on April 11, 2004, dedicated to capturing the spirit of Chris Reynolds' accomplishments and the hearts of the show's most beloved fans, providing a detailed description of the show's format, temple layouts, and most importantly, every episode created. On that red letter Sunday, Ed could not have imagined the hard work that his vision would require, but nor could he have imagined the magnificence of its output.

The episode list began as quickly as Ed's recycling bin filled with the square sheets of notepaper on which the episodes were cataloged. It took more than a year, but at last, the episode list had been completed, combining scores of previously disconnected information into one, supreme guide. In the coming years, Ed brought a huge wealth of information and activities to the site, like interviews, quizzes, music, pictures, and of course, Temple Runner, but Ed's nostalgia of the show wore off after the episode guide was completed.

Two years later, looking to regain that same spirit that brought the site through its first few years, Ed invited Jake Potts as his assistant to work on the site. His determination to serve the site he knew so well paid off, as he and Ed combined to work on projects of a caliber previously unimaginable with a single person's waning interest.

Now we both stand before you to say today will be the symbolic end of the website, the same day that Nick GaS, Legends' home turf for eight years, is being taken off the air.

It was a tough decision to make, but we've come to realize that both of us are ready to move on from Legends, move on from the site, move on from Nick game shows. We will continue to fix up loose ends on the website for as long as we remember it's address, but expect fewer, if any, updates to the website in the future.

Even though we're leaving, we couldn't do it without leaving at least some memento of our work for you to enjoy. We hereby announce the arrival of the Illustrated Episode list, with over 1600 additional pictures of the show nestled in the beautiful new pages cataloging each episode.

There is little else to add. Keep enjoying Legends if you wish--after all, the choices are yours and yours alone. It's been a good forty-four months. Thank you all!

Ed F. and Jake Potts, co-webmasters

An extra note from Jake: After joining The King's Storeroom staff on January 28th, 2007, I was a big part in the site's staff. I've added most of the Advanced Statistics and helped put together the new episode pages. We also need help in finishing the additional summaries! Thank you everybody!

These are the Days to Remember (12/10/07): Just a reminder that there are only twenty days left before Legends leaves the airwaves. Don't let the number of current daily airings fool you--this will not last. On a different note, I've changed some pictures and made the descriptions more concise in the menu below for a change of pace. The new episode pages will be also be arriving shortly, so go enjoy your favorite show, but keep visiting your favorite site, too, to see the stuff I and Jake are cooking up. We do not disappoint! --Nicklegends
Dolley's in the house! (11/10/07): I have released a new episode page for "The Bonnet of Dolley Madison". Check it out! --Jake
The Hype Boat Goes Full Steam Ahead (11/4/07): It has certainly been a while! Keen eyes may have noticed that a week or two ago was the first birthday of the global site counter, which was installed on October 23rd. In that one-year stretch, we got a massive 1,384,717 page views across the entire site, which averages to about 3,800 a day. Not bad, folks, not bad. So what's the next big thing for the site? Well, Jake and I are diligently working on those new episode pages. At this point we're thinking that they might make a nice Christmas present alongside an updated Episode List page, but we'll see what happens. At this point, we're done uploading and placing the pictures on all the pages and have added the Temple Run stats for each episode. All that's left now is to add the round summaries, and voila! Completion. We'll be sure to keep you up-to-date with our progress in the meantime. --Nicklegends
Keep it Up (9/30/07): The downloadable WCDB Kirk Fogg interview available in the Life on Legends section was down without my knowledge since the Temple Runner links were, which means that it's been about two months since anybody's been able to get to it. This problem has been fixed, but my bandwidth is going to be exceptionally restrictive offering such a large file on a new host. We'll see how it works out. --Nicklegends
Time it is About (9/3/07): Jake and I are still making good progress on the episode pages, for those of you who were curious. I want to remind everybody, though, that as we're both in the midsts of busy schoolyears, one can expect there to be scarcer updates than there were during the summer months. Nonetheless, we ask you to stay tuned to the site and check back every so often for progress updates and the fruition of such efforts. Why? You'll like what we have in store. 'S'all. --Nicklegends
Diary of a Green Monkey (8/16/07): A new interview has been posted on the website. Remember Katie from the Mystical Spellbook of the Imperial Wizard? Whether yes or no, learn more about her experience here, an interview with questions submitted primarily by the fine members of Phantom's Temple. Enjoy! --Nicklegends
Aspire, AOL (8/13/07, #2): Those two new episode pages for The Ruby Earring of bin-Zibab and The Jewel-Encrusted Egg of Catharine the Great have been upgraded and made easier-to-use than ever. The advanced statistics font has been altered to better show successes and failures, and more information has been added to the Temple Run section (including where the artifact was hidden, conspicuously absent before). Best of all, the thumbnails should load literally thirty times faster than before but can be clicked to show the full-resolution image. Do enjoy, and rest absolutely assured that you will be seeing more similar pages in the future. --Nicklegends
Running on Empty (8/13/07, #1): Everybody take a deep breath... Okay, good. Nick GaS, the games and sports channel we all love, began in 1999 following a successful span as a segment on the Nickelodeon cable network, connecting us to the sports and shows that we loved. For the last nine years, it has brought us into Nick's golden and nostalgic past, with programs such as Legends, GUTS, Double Dare, and many others. The sad truth is that on December 31st, 2007, this era will end.
According to this article, MTV has been meaning to split Noggin from The N to create two 24-hour channels for a long time due to the sheer difference in audiences the segments currently have. Instead of starting an entirely new channel, The N will move to and replace Nick GaS. Nick GaS itself is bound to become a new section on the online TurboNick, with a more heavy focus on the sports aspect of the name. Whether Legends will make it through this large transition is unknown, but regardless, it means that in the future there will be less and less of the old-school game shows present on the channel today.
So, everybody, you have another four months and eighteen days to enjoy GaS in its current form. I wouldn't miss much of it if I were you. Thanks very much to Jon Pleszewski for this information. --Nicklegends
I Can't Think of a Clever Title (8/8/07): The links on the Temple Runner page function once again. Thanks once more to all of you who informed me the links were broken in the first place. --Nicklegends
Like an Eight-Track Tape (8/6/07, #2): I know that at least five people in the world are aware that the Temple Runner links no longer function, but to the other 6,234,567,890, "the Temple Runner links do not work." It's a problem on the provider's end, so I'll wait for the problem to be fixed for a few days; after that, I'll be searching for a new alternative. Thanks for your patience. --Nicklegends
Slippery Floor (8/6/07): This is just a general note that the new episode pages are having some updates done to them and may not appear as they should if you visit them. It's a small sacrifice compared to the rewards ahead... --Nicklegends
Out of the Blue Come Pictures Anew (8/4/07): A long time ago--on April 20th, to be exact--I promised that I was working to expand a certain section of the site. As it turns out, I found a surge of inspiration to complete that expansion today. With the permission of the webmaster from the retired Shrine of the Silver Monkey fansite, I've posted all the "X-clusive Pics" once featured on his website to the Legends Snapshots section. But I did that and more!--I totally redesigned the code background of the picture pages so it makes it much easier for me to add pictures, and each picture can now be clicked on to be viewed at its full resolution. It will only be noticeable for a select few pictures, but I figure it can't hurt anybody. The only downside is that you must have JavaScript enabled to view the pictures, but this really shouldn't be a problem for most of you. Finally, I should point out that the layout picture pages haven't been fully integrated with the new system yet, but they will be in due time. Enjoy the 81 new pictures, and let me stop typing, will ya? --Nicklegends
Party Like it's 2001 (8/1/07, #2): As promised, Chris Reynolds of "The First LotHT Fansite" has refurnished and reopened his website to the public after years of no activity. Visit the Other Legends Websites page to get there!
Jester Jake Returns! (8/1/07, #1): I re-added the link to my new site, The Jesters' Court, in the "Other Legends Websites" page. I had to work on it a little bit before it was really ready. More updates will be made throughout the month of August. --Jake
Return, Revise (7/29/07): I have returned from my grand venture to the Northwest. I don't have any souvenirs for you all, but I hope I can repay you with some quality updates later this week. On a different note, I mean to make a quick correction to an earlier update which stated that Blackbeard's Treasure Map was the pilot episode for the show. Following from Kirk Fogg's radio interview, it is clear that there was no pilot shot; at least, if it existed, it was not televised and has not been mentioned. Thanks. --Nicklegends
All Completed (7/28/07): Just want to let everyone know that the episode list page has been updated with all known production number for each episode. We all now know that the [first episode] is Blackbeard's Treasure Map and the final episode is The Jewel-Encrusted Egg of Catherine the Great. Also, the new episode pages will be made very soon. --Jake
All Work and now Play (7/19/07, #3): I'll be gone starting tomorrow and until the 30th. Jake, as always, will be available to answer questions about the show and site. On a different note, I updated the Where to Watch Legends page to account for the show's being taken off Nickelodeon. In any case, keep visiting the site and watching Legends while I'm gone. --Nicklegends
A Chart from the Heart (7/19/07, #2): I couldn't help myself. To compliment today's earlier update, I have added a chart on the Feats, Facts, and Firsts page that shows the teams' success based on the room location in which the artifact was hidden. It's a lot of information, so it should satiate you for a while... --Nicklegends
Finally, Further Feats, Facts, and Firsts (7/19/07, #1): I finally got to doing something today I've been meaning to do for a while. The popular temple run outcomes by team chart, which was unintuitively placed in the Episode List section, has been moved to the too-often-neglected but more suitable Feats, Facts, and Firsts section, where it should find its permanent home. In addition, another similar chart has been added to the same page which shows the temple run outcomes by pendants won in the temple games. You might be surprised to find that the fewer pendants the teams won, the more likely they were to beat the temple, but there are plenty of other interesting tidbits available. Unfortunately, the Feats, Facts, and Firsts section is a total mess now because it still contains all of the submitted content from last year, but I really will try to work it out. At least the prettiest part of the page is at the top now. On a totally insignificant note, the page now has multiple "Back to Homepage" buttons which it lacked before, too. --Nicklegends
Birthishday (7/14/07): Here's wishing fellow Legends website Aaron's "The Choices are Yours" a happy second anniversary since its acquisition by Aaron. It started out as a small site run by another individual, but over time Aaron morphed into the fine place it is today. --Nicklegends
Boast Post (7/13/07): In the 263 days since I installed the hit counter on 10/23/06, the site has logged over one million hits. Thanks, as always, for supporting it in all the ways you have. --Nicklegends
Little Picture, Big Impression (7/12/07): You might notice, depending on whether it appears or not for your browser, a nice little favicon next to the URL in your address bar. It's not much, but I think it looks cool. --Nicklegends
Numerically Inclined (7/7/07): Not a big update but worth a mention nonetheless, the episode numbers for all of Season 3 have been added, in effect making it easier to see the season's progression but nearly impossible to find a specific episode. But of course, all change comes at some loss. ;-) As more episodes are shown in order on Nick GaS, other seasons will magically follow suit. --Nicklegends
Listing towards Listing (6/30/07): A quality update: the Season 2 Temple Run Chart has been completed! It won't look much different than the Season 1 one at first glance, but of course the information is updated and I've added a splash of color. There's a very good chance a mistake or two got in there, so please feel free to contact me if you see something amiss. Enjoy, and thank Bob Maibaum for helping me compile the chart's info if you see him. --Nicklegends
More Moody MIDI (6/28/07, #2): tss1011, whom some of you may know from Phantom's Temple, has contributed a rendition of the Olmec's Advice track, now available in MIDI format in the Harmonies of the Temple section. Enjoy! --Nicklegends
The First on the First (6/28/07, #1): Chris Reynolds, head of the First LOTHT Website, has informed me that he is working on the site and intends to release it in all its glory around August 1st. Stay tuned. --Nicklegends
Traveler's Check-Up (6/25/07): It is I, Ed. I'm having a great trip, in response to a question I'm sure you'd ask if I was in front of you. I won't be making updates to the site until at least Thursday the 28th, upon my return. But even now with limited internet access I couldn't miss the opportunity to excavate the good posts from the abundance of spam currently in my guestbook. I'll be looking into other measures that might help ease the frequency with which is it posted in the future. In the meantime, I wouldn't be surprised if more appears. See you in a few days. --Nicklegends
Benzibab has entered the building! (6/16/07): I have released a new episode page. This time it is The Ruby Earring of Benzibab. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to email me. Please do not email Nicklegends, because he is away and I am in charge for right now. Enjoy the new page! --Jake
Summer Comes but I Go (6/12/07): I will be on my way 3,000 miles by six o'clock tomorrow morning and gone for at least two weeks. While it's unclear as to whether I will have internet access available to me on this venture, I can't expect to update the site within this long time period (and nor should you expect me to). Of course Jake will be at hand to respond to any e-mails should I indeed be unavilable and will be responsible for the site's upkeep. One of the first things I will do upon my return is create the Seasons 2 and 3 episode guides for the Episode List which have been conspicuously absent in the presence of the Season 1 guide for too long. Miss me! --Nicklegends
Alas (6/8/07): Legends' spot was overtaken by The Fairly OddParents this morning without warning, and has entirely replaced Legends schedule on This is not good news... Will the show ever see itself on Nick again? --Nicklegends
DVDevotion (6/5/07, #3): So many unusual updates today... Kirk Fogg's highly-acclaimed film Distortion, which he wrote, directed, and starred in, is coming to DVD for the first time today. It's R-rated, but for those who want to see what Kirk Fogg has been up to, there you go (to Blockbuster, Best Buy, etc.). --Nicklegends
Yes Vacancy (6/5/07, #2): I've archived another page of the guestbook submissions, so it shouldn't be full now. Sorry about that. --Nicklegends
Birthday plus Boredom (6/5/07): Here's wishing fellow Legends website builder Aaron of "The Choices are Yours" a happy birthday. On a different note, many pages around the site have been touched up. You all will see a better update coming in the future... Hold me to my word. --Nicklegends
Budget Beauty (6/1/07, #2): As a rather insignificant update, the Temple Layouts index has received a bit of a makeover. More beauty will come to the site in due time! --Nicklegends
Season 3: Encore (6/1/07, #1): Happy June. Nick, at least according to its online programming schedule, has decided to continue third season's span on the channel for at least next week in lieu of switching to Season 1 as had originally been planned. This will allow us to create a more complete episode number listing for the always difficult-to-digest Season 3. Thanks again to Nick for keeping the show on the air. To everybody else, make sure to support the channel! --Nicklegends
Egg-straordinary! (5/31/07, #2): Hello Everyone! We would like to finally announce our newest episode page layout! Take a look on the Jewel-Encrusted Egg of Catherine the Great page to see how it looks! If you have any comments about the new style, we'd be happy to hear them. --Nicklegends & Jake
Nicklegendary (5/31/07, #1): Nothing is new with the site to speak of. Jake and I are still working on the new and improved episode pages and the site will soon be receiving some additional contributions from Bob Maibaum to both the Kirk Fogg interview transcript and the neglected episode charts for each season, accessible from the episode list. As some good news, the site received more page views yesterday than at any time since October, whipping out 7,379 across the site. Thanks for supporting the site! --Nicklegends
Housekeeping (5/23/07): A while back, I installed hit counters on every page of the site--or so I had thought until this morning, when I discovered the Temple Layouts section did not have them. As a minor request, please tell me if an accessible page on the website does not have a little number at the very bottom of it. I'm doing my best to cover everything, but of course, things get by sometimes. Thanks! --Nicklegends
Soon to be Bigger and Better than Ever (5/22/07, #2): Jake and I are putting the final touches on the template for the new episode pages Jake mentioned last week. Expect to see some major changes to the episode list within the coming week or two! --Nicklegends
Just like the Good Ol' Days (5/22/07, #1): Legends, as of today, is planned for a third week next week (5/28/07-6/1/07) continuing the decreasing Season 3 episode order and continuing for a fourth week the following (6/4/07-6/8/07) beginning with the first episode ever produced and working its way later in the season. Keep watching and keeping the show on Nick! --Nicklegends
Let the Fun Continue (5/21/07): Jake called it a bit too early, but it's not his fault. While Legends is not planned for next week at all, the schedule does indicate that it will return to the 7:30AM block on Monday, June 4th, with the show's premier episode. Where will it go from there? (Special thanks to a man named Seth who informed me of this.) --Nicklegends
Disappointment (5/17/07): Unfortunately, our Legends dream will fall to the ground on May 28th, because Legends will not be on Nickelodeon on that date. We are hoping that it will return in the future, but as of May 28th, it will no longer be aired on Nickelodeon. --Jake
A Flurry of Excitement (5/14/07, #4): Indeed, a lot has happened today. I've updated the often-neglected Where to Watch Legends page to accommodate the the show's recent appearance on Nick. --Nicklegends
We cannot believe it (5/14/07, #3): I would also like to thank Nickelodeon for this day. I will be creating new episode pages soon and uploading more pictures! Excellent. --Jake
It's True (5/14/07, #2): Legends has officially returned to Nickelodeon, airing this morning at 7:30AM with the Jewel-Encrusted Egg of Catharine the Great. The episode list will be adjusted to display the new episode numbers. I want to sincerely thank Nickelodeon for taking a chance and putting this show back on the primary air waves. Now, more people than ever can see what made Legends so fantastic. --Nicklegends
Worthy of Mention (5/14/07, #1): I'd like to wish Bob Maibaum, the original Advanced Statistician who gave me so much help filling in the details of the episode guide, a happy 20th birthday. I'm sure the return of Legends to cable Nick is a suitable birthday present for you. --Nicklegends
Update on Cable Cable Legends (5/13/07): I return with even better news regarding the Nickelodeon-Legends reunion! The schedule on Nick's website has been changed; Legends will not only be shown next week Monday through Friday, but also the following week, for a guaranteed minimum of ten episodes. Apparently they'll be shown in reverse episode order, so you can expect to see some production numbers on the episode list at last. --Nicklegends
Can it Possibly Be? (5/11/07): Could Legends have made its splendid return to cable Nickelodeon? Could it be airing at 7:30AM Monday through Friday of next week? Could this site be the answer to these questions? I don't know what to think right now, honestly. It's too much--it's too surprising. It should be mentioned that as of now the show is only plotted for the next week, but the possibility that we could see some long-term changes should not be overlooked. --Nicklegends
The Golden Era (5/5/07): Yet another fansite joins the party: it's The Room of the Golden Idols. You can learn something new about the show on every website, and this one is no exception. --Nicklegends
Things are changing (4/22/07): Happy Earth Day! I just want to let everyone know that very soon (probably another 2 weeks or so...) I will be updating the Snapshots and Episode Pages by uploading new pictures. I have a feeling it will look great. However, I won't be able to upload videos due to Viacom and the whole YouTube situation. But that's all for now! Take care. --Jake
Pleasant Surprise (4/21/07): An update on the last... update, Phantom's Temple is back up and running. --Nicklegends
We will Survive (4/20/07): I had a good break, thank you very much. As it turns out right now, the server Phantom's Temple is hosted on has been taken down for maintenance, and is not expected to be back up until the 22nd at the earliest. Hang tight until then. As far as news about this website, you may have noticed I've updated the "Coming Soon" items below. I'm working my hardest right now on expanding one section of the website (go on, it's not hard to guess) and finishing up the CSS incorporation. They're both exciting things, so do stay tuned! --Nicklegends
"Happy Birthday, to you!" (4/11/07): Today is the The King's Storeroom third birthday! When Ed gets back from his vacation, he'll have some new updates as well!!!! Well, that's all for today. --Jake
What do you Mean, "I'm Going?" (4/3/07): Most unfortunately, I will be away from the site for nine days beginning on Friday, April 6th and ending on Saturday, April 14th. What's worse, besides the fact that I won't be here to give you these shnazzy updates (which I know you all love so much), is the fact that my absence from the site just happens to pass right over my site's third birthday, which will be on Wednesday, the 11th of next week. I'll let Jake do all the celebration ceremonies and general site-keeping while I'm gone. While I regret not being here for my site's third birthday, it seems only suitable that this event is celebrated with its new co-owner in control, showing the progress and evolution this site has gone through over the past 1,096 days. With that, I'm off! --Nicklegends
Volver (4/2/07): Five updates in three days. Not bad at all. The guestbook is back up for now as it seems the wave of spam has ceased. With that said, it has the potential to disappear again at any time depending on the circumstances. --Nicklegends
Have I Lost your Time-Tested Trust? (4/1/07): Of course that whole ordeal with the "new and improved" layout was an April Fool's joke. Did you actually think I'd leave it like that? --Nicklegends
Backgroundbreaking (3/31/07, #3): Alright, so I've replaced the background. What you you all think? You can vote on which one you like better on a link through the homepage. --Nicklegends
Not Today, Folks (3/31/07, #2): Phantom's Temple has been infested with spam containing inappropriate language. I've decided to inactivate both links. --Nicklegends
More Pretty Colors! (3/31/07): I've made some preliminary steps in getting all the pages running with CSS. As a result, you should see the pendant background on all of the pages... But on a similar note, the site will be celebrating its third birthday soon, and I want to experiment with a new background. Stay tuned! --Nicklegends
Pretty Colors... (3/24/07): I'm going to be doing some work on the site, namely, converting every page of it to CSS. This may result in some totally bizarre mis-formatting on the site's pages over the coming weeks, but it will certainly help it out a lot in the long run. --Nicklegends
Oh Boy!(3/21/07): Hey Guys, I now have 100 advanced statistics! I just need 20 more. If there is anyone who can help me out by emailing me some Advanced Statistics to certain episodes, that would be swell! Thanks! --Jake
Return and Rejoice (3/11/07): First of all, I'm back. Second of all, a note that in the last 140 days, including today, the site's pages have received a total of 500,000 combined page views. Thanks! --Nicklegends
Good Things Come in Small Packages (3/7/07, #2): Lots of updates in pairs recently, eh? Because there was some recent demand, I've redone the temple game MIDI I offer in the Temple Harmonies section. The drums are more accurate, the proper beginning and ending are now present, and the overall voicing is improved. Enjoy. --Nicklegends
A Leave of Absence (3/7/07, #1): I'll be gone once more from tomorrow, 3/8/07, to 3/11/07. E-mail Jake about the site in the meantime, unless you're willing to wait until Sunday for a response from me. --Nicklegends
Another Child is Born (2/28/07, #2): I'd like you all to pay a visit to the new Room of the Ancient Warriors. It seems to be a quickly developing site that should satisfy. --Nicklegends
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (2/28/07, #1): Happy last day of February. Because of a recent influx of guestbook spam, I've decided to remove it, at least in its current form. The archived entries are still available. That will be all for today. --Nicklegends
Notice Something, eh?(2/24/07): Hey everyone, I'm sure you noticed something on the episode pages right? Well, I have decided to add "Team Results" to each of the Episodes. Now, these aren't Advanced Statistics, they're just showing what teams made it through each round. However, I will try to get more Advanced Statistics, but I still have other things in mind I want to do with the site. I'll try to think of something I can add. Oh, and the Advanced Statistics counter? Well, here it is! (Advanced Statistics 58/120) --Jake
But Before I Leave... (2/16/07, #2): As promised, I've extended the Kirk Fogg interview transcript to minute 12. Do enjoy it!
People Come and Go So Quickly Here (2/16/07, #1): Now that Jake has finished his trip away, it is time for me to take mine. I'll be gone from tomorrow, 2/17, to around 2/20. Jake will be responsible for the site while I'm away. --Nicklegends
I'm back! (2/15/07): Hello Everyone! I have returned from my trip on the 12th, but I really haven't had time to do anything for the site. I have added Advanced Statistics to many episodes. In fact, I may add an Advanced Statistics counter for everytime I update. I am not sure if I will do that, but it may be a possibility. But thats all for my updates. --Jake
Exquisite Revisit (2/9/07): Over the past few weeks there has been some demand for an older Temple Runner version to be present on the site. I added it, but not stopping there, I redid the entire Temple Runner page so it is much more user-friendly now. --Nicklegends
Organization is Dandy (2/3/07): I've now redone the Life on Legends section in much the same way I did the Other Legends Websites page. Plus, I've added links to a number of interviews conducted by other websites that I forgot to put up earlier. --Nicklegends
Sounds in my Head (2/1/07, #2): As promised, I have extended the Kirk Fogg interview transcript to minute ten of thirty-four. That is all. --Nicklegends
Not Much (2/1/07, #1): I have 2 things to say. One is I have added more Advanced Statistics to several new episodes now. And the other thing is I will be gone on February 8th and will be returning on the 11th. Thank you for your cooperation. --Jake
More Stuff! (1/30/07): I have added Advanced Statistics to more episodes now. The Lucky Medallion of Atocha, The Melted Head of Madame Tussaud, The Imperial Purple Robe of Empress Theodora, The Ivory Elephant of Scheherazade, and The Milk Bucket of Freydis. I hope to add the A.S. for The Discarded Seal of Ivan the Terrible and Robin Hood and Marian's Ladder soon, but I'll keep you posted. Stay Tuned. --Jake Potts
To Do: Make To Do List (1/29/07): I'm really going to make a strong effort to stick to my word about site updating, and so I'll be more regularly updating the "coming soon" lines below this block of updates with more precise dates. As you can see, I want to improve the Life on Legends section and extend the interview transcript. Do stay tuned. --Nicklegends
New Stuff (1/28/07, #4): Whew, a lot of updates today. I have added Advanced Statistics to several episodes (Galileo's Cannonball, The Secret Battle Plan of Nathan Hale, The Walking Stick of Harriet Tubman, The Lost Whalebone of Pytheas, The Much-Heralded Helmet of Sir Gawain, The Broken Trident of Poseidon, The Bullet-Riddled Handbag of Belle Boyd, The Comet-Embroidered Battleflag of William the Conqueror, The Dried Ear of Corn of Sojourner Truth, The Secret Map of the Bandit Queen, and The Thornwood Gavel of Judge Roy Bean). There are many more coming, but that's all for today. --Jake Potts
Hi everyone! (1/28/07, #3): Hi! This is Jake Potts here. I really appreciate it that Ed is letting me help out with his site. If you have any questions you would like to ask me, you can find my email in the Contacts section. Thanks to Ed for this opportunity!
Convenience! (1/28/07, #2): The navigation frame has been updated to make it easier to identify the links. (For those of you who use it, Aaron).
A Helping Hand (1/28/07, #1): I have two things to say. One is small, and one may very well change the future of the site. First of all, I've updated all the main pages to have "The King's Storeroom" precede the page name, for ease in finding me in your browser history. Secondly, I'm pleased to announce that I have invited Jake Potts to assist me with managing the site. I've been the webmaster of the site for almost 30 months now, and I feel that my devotion to it has been slipping quietly. I knew that I would need to make some large change somehow, and with increasing demands in school and with other projects, I felt making the site into a group effort would be necessary. With that, I ask you all to welcome Jake to the site team. Thank you!
And Why Not? (1/25/07): Three things: First, the Other Legends Websites page has been changed to utilize CSS styling, and so it has been redone with a number of minor stylistic changes and some updated descriptions. Second, for those of you patiently waiting, I will make an effort to transcribe more of the Kirk Fogg interview in the near future; don't think I've forgotten about it. And finally, on an unhappy note, the site received under 2,000 page views on Tuesday for the first time since I installed the counter in mid-October. If there's anything I can do to get people coming back here, you can let me know. :-)
A Renewal (1/18/07): For those of you who used to be active members of the Yahoo! Group for Legends of the Hidden Temple, well, yahoo! there are now some moderators in the group that can delete the spam that has been plaguing it in the past months. Come make it the fanlisting slash discussion group it used to be in the past.
More Music to Our Ears (1/10/07): Davira Kuy has submitted an updated version of his incredibly popular Olmec's Temple theme rendition, now available in the Sounds of Legends section. Also, as a bit of a survey, if you were able to download the recent Kirk Fogg interview and use a Mac, please e-mail me if you can. Thanks.
Spice (1/4/07): Another small update--a few of the site's pages have undergone a little touch-up to make them both more visually appealing and user-friendly. Chances are, you won't notice the changes, but nonetheless I felt they were necessary. (Yes, a real update will come soon; I promise!)
Quickie (1/3/07): I've updated the Temple Runner picture in the main menu to the new version, and I've also added the same picture to the Temple Runner page. Also, I've reduced some of the menu text so the pictures vertically align properly. Nothing too extravagant.
Extension (1/1/07): Happy New Year! The interview transcript has been extended to minute seven (of thirty-three), for those of you who would prefer to read rather than to listen to it. (It's tougher work than you'd think to transcribe an interview, believe me.)
Kirk Fogg and New Year--A Perfect Match (12/31/06): Hello everybody! As a bit of a New Year's gift to you all, I've posted a link of September's Kirk Fogg radio interview that you can download, and have started a transcript of the entire half-hour interview. If you haven't heard it yet, do check it out!
Stay Tuned (12/30/06): I meant to update today with a download-able audio file of the Kirk Fogg interview that happened a number of months ago on Albany's WCDB radio station, but I didn't get a chance. It will arrive in the near future.
Big Temple Runner Update (12/26/06, #2): First of all, the download link to Temple Runner has been fixed. Secondly, and this may come as a bit of a surprise, I've officially released Version 2.2 to commemorate the event! There are a lot of little changes I've made in this version (the time slowing down by a factor of two and a new title page, just to name a few), and I hope you enjoy it. I do recommend downloading this version if you have a decent internet connection speed. Otherwise, Version 2.1 is a very solid version and should suffice for you. If you have any feedback about the new version, whether it concerns the flow of the game, wanted features, or a new bug, please contact me. I'd really appreciate it.
The Dynamics of Sitebuilding (12/26/06, #1): First of all, I hope everybody enjoyed their holidays. It appears that the website I hosted my Temple Runner game on is down for good. As I search for another free website to host the game, bear with me.
And the Devotion Continues (12/16/06): It's been live for a while now, but I've posted the link to The Room of the Secret Password, a new Legends fan site. Enjoy.
The Show Must Go On (12/13/06, #2): Coincidentally, there was also a longstanding bug in the How would You Do On Legends quiz that effectively removed Olmec's Temple from the list of results. This was triggered whenever somebody would have gotten captured by three temple guards. The bug has been fixed as a totally separate effort from the update I made about thirty minutes ago, as strange as that is.
Question Recall (12/13/06, #1): I've finally fixed all the incorrect answers that were present in the Legends Quizzes section for years, and have made an effort to clarify some questions. As a result, every quiz was modified slightly--some answers were shuffled around in the Beginner quiz, some editing was done to the Medium quiz, clarification and question editing was done for the Hard quiz, the Very Hard quiz had a question replaced, and even the "How would You Do on Legends quiz was edited to lessen the probability of tying the temple games with two pendants. I highly encourage you who watch the show regularly to double-check my answers to make sure I'm not lying to people with them again.
A Leave (12/10/06): Finals week is this coming. Bear with me.
Music to Our Ears (11/29/06): It has been in high demand for ages, but Davira Kuy has contributed an excellent MIDI file--the fast-paced, intense, and exciting temple run theme. Check out in the Temple Harmonies section to give it a listen!
A Site Reborn (11/26/06): After five years of absence, Chris Reynolds, webmaster of LotHT2001 has begun to touch up his website! What will be in store?
Very Recently (11/24/06): I've been distracted from the site recently between school and some other projects I've been working on. I feel I haven't been fair to the users of this site who have been patiently waiting for my Temple Layouts section to come along, so I'll tell ya what--I've put the links to the almost completed pages in the Temple Layouts section so you can all enjoy what I have done this far, without any further delay. I'll finish them when I can free up some time. Enjoy!
About the Guestbook (11/16/06): I've been noticing a recent trend of individuals spamming or otherwise defacing the guestbook. Please recall that any criticism should be written directly to me through the Contacts section as opposed to the guestbook itself. Thank you, Carl.
Recently (11/13/06): So I have two quick things. First of all, I want to say that I am almost completely finished with my new Temple Layouts section. Secondly, I want to mention that in the 22 days between October 23rd and November 13th (today), I have received a total of 100,000 hits amongst the pages of the website, which is pretty impressive by my standards. Thanks a lot for assisting my growth!
Recently (11/8/06): As a quick update, I wanted to say that I am continuing to do work on the new and improved Temple Layouts page. I can't offer a guess on when it will be ready, but take confidence in the fact I am working on it.
Recently (11/4/06, #2): I added a handful of pictures to the Legends Snapshots section, and I have listed credits individually at the bottom of that page.
Recently (11/4/06): Today was a site maintenance day. I tried to fix a bunch of spelling errors littering the site. If you should find any I missed, please contact me. I really won't mind, I promise!
Recently (10/30/06): I've just spruced up a little-known page on the site, the Temple Games page. Not a big update, but at least I have some reason for calling it one.
Recently (10/23/06): Woo-hoo! I have added a global site counter to every page on the site. Yes, I said "every," meaning all the sections of the site and all their divisions, including the entirety of the 120-episode episode list! You should see little black numbers at the bottom of each page now, and tell me if there is an exception. Detailed stats, accessible through a link at the very bottom of the main page, show how my site is doing. Enjoy!
Recently (10/21/06): A beautiful new page has been added to the site, and apparently you have found it. I have considerably more space here to write updates than I did before, so you'll now be seeing the updates from the past two months instead of the last three updates. Hopefully this will make things easier. I'd also like to mention that this is the first page on the site run with CSS styling. Hopefully you won't be able to tell the difference from the other pages. (If you can, let me know.)
Recently (10/18/06): I'm seeing an increasing quantity of incorrect facts about Legends online. One of my goals in creating this website was to establish a database of information about the show that could be passed onto others, and I feel I have not been doing as good a job as I wanted to do in that regard, as those many websites have proven to me. As is such, I am seriously considering restructuring the Feats, Facts and Firsts section to simply provide the facts about Legends that I myself know. Most probably, the facts will be considerably more general than they are now, and I have not completely determined whether I will keep fan submissions open or not. Expect changes to that section over the next few months, though. If you have any opinions, I'd be happy to hear them.
Recently (10/5/06): "Guess what?" "What?" "Jon has moved his site to a new location!" "Wow... again, really?" "Yup! You've got to check it out!" "I sure will! Uh... what's the address?" "It's" "Wait, did you say that correctly? It's a domain?" "Yep, Jon has taken the definition of a Legends website to a whole new level." "Cool!"
Recently (9/29/06): I'm not sure what caused it, but the GeoCities stats say that I received upwards of 2,000 page views in a single day for the first time ever, on 9/26/06. Thanks for helping the site grow!

Coming to Nicklegends:
Hopefully Sometime Soon: Extension of the Kirk Fogg interview transcript to minute 14 of 34. --Nicklegends
When I feel like it: The finishing touches on the already-released brand-new Temple Layouts section. --Nicklegends
Before the sky falls: An organization method for the Feats, Facts, and Firsts section. --Nicklegends